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Which padel paddle to choose if I have epicondylitis?

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La epicondylitis is tennis elbow, is one of the most frequent injuries in the paddle. In this article we will see how this injury is reproduced and we will give you some tips to know how to choose which type of blade suits you best.

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Epicondylitis or tennis elbow injury

Defined as an inflammation of the epicondylar tendons (tendons that join the hand, the forearm, and the outside of the elbow), this injury causes a sharp pain in the external area of ​​the elbow, especially when we make the movement to close the hand or when we grab something.

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Epicondylitis, a very common injury in padel
Epicondylitis, a very common injury in padel (Photo: Ortopedia Plus)

Epicondylitis appears when we perform blows with bad technique. Specifically, the blow most likely to cause epicondylitis is the backhand stroke and the auction.

There is another big culprit of epicondylitis, and it's your paddle paddle. Choose a paddle paddle adequate is very important to prevent and cure this injury. Do you want to know how to do it? In the next paragraphs we tell you:

What weight should my shovel have?

One of the main functions of a blade is to absorb the vibrations that are generated when hitting the ball. Therefore, choosing a blade with a weight that is too low may not absorb enough vibrations and, therefore, begin to have problems in the elbow.

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In the same way, choosing a shovel that is too heavy will mean that we can not move it easily or, what is the same thing, that we perform the blows with an incorrect technique. As we have seen previously, this can lead to the appearance of epicondylitis.

Our recommendation is to opt for shovels with intermediate or intermediate / low weight. As a general rule, we will never recommend to a player with epicondylitis a blade with a weight greater than the 370 grams, nor with a weight less than the 355 grams.

What is the appropriate balance?

Intimately related to the previous point, the balance determines the distribution of the weight of a shovel.

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If we suffer from epicondylitis, what we should look for is a handy blade that allows us to perform the technique correctly. Therefore, we must always choose shovels with the balance towards the fist with the intermediate balance, since they are those that will give us greater maneuverability and less will load the arm.

The blades with the high balance tend to nod, which would cause unnecessary extensions in the tendons, which can lead to the appearance of epicondylitis.

Which rubber is the right one?

The choice of rubber type will determine the hardness of the blade.

If we choose a hard rubber, the paddle will not cushion the ball, which will result in greater vibrations for the arm. In addition, a hard rubber implies less ball output or, what is the same, having to make more effort to pass the ball to the other field. The more effort we have to do, the worse our technique will be, which will make us more likely to fall into epicondylitis or not to leave it.

Therefore, a player with epicondylitis should always opt for shovels with soft rubber or intermediate rubber. Specifically, the gums you should look for would be foam rubber (or polyethylene rubber), and EVA Soft rubber.

We hope that these tips will help you prevent epicondylitis by playing paddle tennis, or recovering from it those who already have it. If you have any doubt or want to know something else, do not hesitate to leave a comment, we will gladly assist you.

Greetings to all, and good paddle!

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Which padel paddle to choose if I have epicondylitis?

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