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Manias in the pádel: Why are they made and which are the most common on the circuit?

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Within the pádel we can find the players who have some manias or superstitions and those about whom you could write a book with peculiarities. Surely right now you are thinking of someone like Rafa Nadal, one of the most talked about cases by the gestures and rituals before, during and after their tennis matches.

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The world of pádel It is no less, and it is that in this sport we can find very maniacal players. Among these peculiarities we can find players who insist on not stepping on the lines that delimit the court, use the same underwear in each competition, shower in the same shower throughout the tournament, to name a few.

What kind of hobbies do some players have World Padel Tour?

Some examples of professional players from pádel with peculiar manias are the following:

  • Pablo Lima in the serve he throws the ball three times and if he has to stop for any reason, he throws it the same number of times.
  • Maxi Gabriel If you win the raffle, start receiving.
  • Cristian Gutiérrez Always try to play with the same shovel.
  • Fernando Belasteguín Do not let anyone touch your shovel once you have put the grip.
  • Seba Nerone He usually equips his game bag with everything he needs in duplicate.
  • Matías Díaz if he wins, the next day he repeats everything he did in the game won.
  • Marcello Jardim usually throws the ball three times before the first serve and if it is the second, four times.
  • Germán Tamame he takes a cold shower before starting the game and has the habit of starting to tie his right shoe first.

Why do some players have such superstitions?

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But the interesting thing about these rituals or manias is that they have a psychological application when facing the game by the players. Bouncing the ball several times or entering the court before, helps to have a sense of control of the situation around us and generates greater security in the player.

On the other hand, performing the rituals on the track while the game is developing allows you to gain rest time and take advantage of the body to stabilize even more if it is a small moment, it can allow you to make decisions on how to face the rest of the game.

It is interesting to perform a dynamic of this type when facing in any game, you will feel more confident of what you are doing, it gives you time to really connect with what you want to do and sometimes it ends up becoming a ritual of tranquility to psychological level that allows you to play with greater self-esteem and confidence against rivals with whom you do not feel very safe.

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Enjoy a game win or lose and whether or not you have this kind of rituals, hobbies or superstitions, professionals and non-professionals have them as we have shown in this article, it is best to enjoy the game and achieve continuous improvement, even if you need to make any Personal mania to do your best and win, which is the ultimate goal.

The hobbies of our followers

Yesterday we published a phrase on our Instagram profile for our followers to continue. This was “one of my hobbies when I play pádel it is…". As expected we received a lot of comments:

And you? What is the weirdest mania you've seen inside a track? pádel?

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Source of player hobbies: Padel Star

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