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The five best jokes of pádel

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Find the model you want in pádel not everything has to be competition but you also have to have fun and have fun. Many of us enjoy so much in the pádel because it is a very social and dynamic sport that usually ends with what is called the post-match, time to have a beer and chat with your colleagues. It is at that moment when the jokes and anecdotes of the game appear ... along with some jokes from pádel like what we tell you in this post!

The best jokes of pádel

You have to do what you want ...

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Joke of pádel

 Clues of pádel in the sky

Joke of pádel

 The hearse interrupts the party

Joke of pádel

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When we can not play for time ...


El pádel is irreplaceable


If you know any more jokes do not hesitate to leave it in a comment. The end is to have a good laugh!

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Antonio José Palacios Álvarezhttps://padeladdict.com
Regional Monitor of Pádel by the Andalusian Federation of Pádel. Bachelor of Business Administration and Online Marketing professional. Responsible for the web Padel Addict.


  1. Hello,
    until I found this post, your page seemed very interesting to me. I just suffered a fibular tear in my calf, a stone as you know, and you were giving me a lot of very useful information. Besides, I also see that you are part of the Andalusian Federation of Pádel, which I understand will also have an educational mission, as do other Federations. I just wanted to comment that I think some old-fashioned jokes and that I think you know it, because you have articles that prove it, that women also pádel. A little humor is always good, but not at the expense of us, but with us. Thanks.

    • Good afternoon, Laura! First thank your words on the web. There is a lot of work behind and our goal is that the articles we write can help. As for the article of jokes you should not give more importance, it is a mere article. We hope that for a post do not stop following us and the info that we are publishing being useful. I wish a speedy recovery! Greetings.

  2. I would have laughed the same way investing the sexes, but the concept I think it is, that men are a little children, do not take it the wrong way.

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