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The tracks of pádel most spectacular in the world

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The expansion of pádel all over the world and the fact that tracks are built in idyllic places, the club's own style of construction or even the apparent lack of relationship of the place where they are built with the padel, are determining factors to awaken our attention.

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Paradisiacal landscapes, the latest fashion clubs under construction, the most striking roofs, indoor centers that had not been designed to host tennis courts. pádel, but that the current sanitary circumstances have led to it and unusual locations. It is always difficult to choose and more when the criteria is totally subjective, but these are the 10 places with tracks pádel more spectacular. Do you want to know them? Keep reading!

Our list of 10 tracks pádel more spectacular

1.Resort Hurawalhi (Maldives)

Resort Hurawalhi (Maldives)
Recientemente have you been able to see several players World Padel Tour play exhibition games there and just by looking at the photos and videos published we are counting the days until we can go. Fancy a trip to paradise, right?

2. Tampah Hills (Indonesia)

Tampah Hills (Indonesia)
This residential resort in Indonesia is still under construction, but if any of you think of a retreat to enjoy the most absolute peace and another dreamlike environment with two ski slopes padel, Tampah Hills may be your place.

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3. Argentario Golf Resort & Spa (Italy)

Argentario Golf Resort & Spa (Italy)
Enjoy an area of ​​Italy with many attractions and customs, take care of body and mind in luxurious facilities, play in one of its beautiful golf courses and in the meantime, play a few games of pádel on those slopes in the middle of nature, it is one of the best ideas that we can come up with for a few days of vacation. Enough reasons to include the Argentario Golf Resort & Spa in this report.

4. XL Marina (Sweden)

XL Marina (Sweden)

A hint of pádel On the roof of a building it is no longer something so strange, but if it is in the building located in a port in Sweden, right by the sea, things change a lot. XL Marina is surely the most beautiful track we can remember on the top of a building.

5. Clube Curitibano (Brazil)

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Clube Curitibano (Brazil)

You will know them by their covers! And you will not forget them easily, we assure you. Clube Curitibano in Curitiba (Brazil) has one of the covers specifically to cover tracks of pádel, biggest in the world…

6. Deventer Padel (Netherlands)

Deventer Padel (Netherlands)
No less spectacular is the roof covering Deventer Padel with its huge racks next to the rinks, found on a large skating rink in this town in the Netherlands.

7. Globen Padel (Sweden)

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Globes Padel (Sweden)

It is the largest spherical building in the world and since last November it has hosted 14 tracks of padel. We cannot think of a better solution for a huge building that in the current sanitary conditions cannot host events such as concerts or large fairs. The Ericsson Glob is now Globen Padel.

8. Non Solo Neve (Italy)

Non Solo Neve (Italy)

In the middle of the high Italian mountains. In winter the temperatures are low and the altitude makes physical performance difficult ... But what difference does it make! Play to pádel In a place as spectacular as Non Solo Neve in San Sicario (Italy) is what matters and you will not miss it.

9. Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center (USA)

Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center (USA)

It is a pleasure for all padeleros see that many large tennis clubs that are built around the world make a hole in their facilities to install tennis courts pádel. The huge and beautiful Sarah Vande Berg Tennis & Wellness Center club in Zephyrhills (Tampa) has been in operation for a few months and the Spanish Marcos del Pilar is in charge of training the players of pádel be the best possible.

10. Padel Helsinki (Finland)

Padel Helsinki (Finland)

We go into the forest and we find three tracks of padel. In the Nordic countries it is somewhat common to build tracks in the middle of the forest but these of Padel Helsinki in particular we especially loved them.

You can play on these courts of regulatory measures at any time of the year as long as the weather and the situation of the pandemic currently allow it. In the near future we will show you unique tracks for different reasons, tracks that have been spectacular, but have only existed for a certain period and we will discover more about it. pádel internationally.

About Padel Lands

Padel Lands is the largest online guide to tracks pádel in clubs and accommodations of all kinds. Updated daily with new openings to offer the best possible information to everyone in the world. pádel. In their social networks you can find photos and videos of perfect places to enjoy our favorite sport. They offer different possibilities to the clubs to promote themselves through the web and their profiles in networks.

We invite you to follow all the news of the pádel in our profiles Facebook, Instagram y Twitter! Or if you prefer, you can also subscribe to our newsletter weekly and we will keep you informed.

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Padel Landshttp://www.padellands.com
Padel Lands is the largest online guide to ski slopes padel in clubs and accommodations of all kinds. Updated daily with new openings to offer the best possible information to everyone in the world. padel.


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