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Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard: a high-end multipurpose racket at the best price on the market

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A shovel of pádel high performance for advanced level players for less than € 90? Surely many when reading this question will think that it is impossible to get such a shovel for that price. However, unlike other brands, Kuikma has worked to make it possible. In fact, we have been able to verify it by having tested your model for a few days Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard.

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We already told you recently that the French brand had focused on offering the best possible material to the most advanced players. This is how they showed us in their presentation of news for this 2021 where the launch of slippers, paletero and textile from pádel, which perfectly complements its wide range of blades pádel.

Close-up of the Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard

Next we are going to describe to you what the shovel that we have had the pleasure of testing on the track is like, indicating what its main characteristics are and what has stood out the most for us.

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Features of the Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard

Decathlon has already taken a giant step forward with the launch of its brand of pádel Kuikma, through which they have improved their products and satisfied more experienced players.

In particular, the Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard It is a high-end racket that stands out for being powerful, manageable and precise. Its medium balance makes it a versatile option, being able to obtain optimal control without neglecting its offensive part.

It has a range of weights between 367 and 377 grams and is presented in a teardrop format

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Has a weight range between 367 and 377 grams and is presented in a tear format, which makes her have a broader sweet spot due to its oversize mold.

The shovel shows to be quite strong and durable, since as they have communicated to us from the brand they have worked a lot in this aspect in their centers.

Regarding its composition, the racket frame is made of 70% carbon, 20% ethylene vinyl acetate and 10% fiberglass. Its inner core is high density EVA rubber With which you get great performance in power shots and helps you have optimal precision.

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The blades of the blade have a rough surface as they usually include most blades today. This roughness is presented in a pattern of elongated rhombuses that are intended to help you achieve better effects on cut shots such as vipers or volleys.

The flats of the blade have a rough surface

Another feature that has also caught our attention is the handle of the shovel, very comfortable thanks to a padded surface that is composed of polyamide and polyurethane. It may not be necessary to put an overgrip on it due to the excellent comfort you feel when using the paddle.

The frame includes a protector as standard that does not break the aesthetics of the racket at all as it is transparent and that will help us protect it from blows in the area.

On its aesthetics, black predominates in most of the blade accompanied by details in lime yellow, making it a very attractive design to see on the slopes.

What stands out for us about this shovel? That it is capable of offering the same benefits as a competitor's shovel for less than half the money. For just € 90 this racket has everything to meet the needs of the advanced player, without having to spend an exorbitant amount.


These are the technologies that the PR990 Hybrid Hard by Kuikma:

  • Carbon 12K: high quality braided carbon that combines lightness and resistance.
  • Twin Tube Carbon: Carbon double tube frame. Maximizes stiffness and reduces torque for maximum power.
  • Black EVA- High-density EVA foam to improve precision and increase performance on powerful hits.
  • Rough surface: rough surface that favors effects on cut blows.
  • Lightweight TPU Head Protector: protector that has the frame that protects against blows.

The Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard, a racket conceived with the help of the best professionals

Conceived with the help of the best professionals

This model, like the rest of the high-end rackets, have been developed thanks to the coach and former professional player. Horacio Álvarez Clementi, who has put all his know-how at the disposal of the French brand so that it can launch high-quality products on the market. All this, examined through various tests to verify that the blade meets the expected performance.

Moreover, Kuikma It has its own study center in Spain where design and engineering tasks are attended to. It is here where the needs of the end user are identified by testing the prototypes, so that later in France, the production tasks are carried out.


ModelKuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard
CoreBlack EVA
Weight367-377 grams
Head sizeOversize
Level of gameAdvanced / Expert
Game typeHybrid / Multipurpose

What type of player is it aimed at?

La Kuikma PR990 Hybrid Hard It is a racket designed for advanced players who play several times a week and who are looking for a versatile racket with a hard touch that will help them in offensive and defensive tasks, that is, that provides power and control in equal parts.

The Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard is a high-end padel racket that stands out for being powerful, manageable and precise.

If you are looking for another shovel of the brand more control or power or with a softer rubber you can find information here!. The Power model for example has much more punch and power thanks to its diamond shape while the Precision model has more control thanks to its round format.

Price and where to buy the Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard

The Kuikma PR 990 Hybrid Hard has a price of € 89,99 and you can buy it directly at any of the Decathlon stores or at your Web page.

In addition, from its website you can check the stock that is available or reserve to pick up at your nearest store. Even if you are not sure if you will make this model, you have the option to buy and return it for free or exchange it for another up to 60 days after its acquisition.

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