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How to play pádel when it's windy?

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Imagine for a few seconds that you are on the track ... they throw you a balloon and you get ready to make that tray with which you know you can put your rivals in trouble. You do the assembly, you place your feet correctly and when you are about to hit the ball a gust of wind comes and you end up sending the ball to the next court. Looks familiar to you, right?

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When we play outdoors we can find factors that can influence the way we play. The wind is one of them and the least it can condition you, so much so that it is convenient to study how we can succeed (never better said) of it.

That unwanted weather factor ...

I can not tell you what the worst weather condition can be. You can play with rain, with humidity, with wind or even with a suffocating sun that does not allow you to see well. If you find yourself with any of these factors you will have to rethink your initial strategy ... if you already find several of them together, breathe deeply, surely you feel that you are playing another sport.

How to play with wind

1. Do not obey it and rethink your strategy

If you plan a strategy like any other day, you are lost. The wind is a factor to take into account and therefore you must rethink your way of playing. Still playing from above is impossible that day and you should play with shots from below. However, we cannot play without using the balloons. For this reason, it will be important to analyze in which direction the wind is taking the ball: if it is lateral, if it goes against or, if the opposite, it goes in your favor.

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2. Do not risk your blows

The appearance of wind will prevent you from hitting the ball properly. You will feel that it is very difficult to hit with the sweet spot of the shovel. Therefore we advise you not to risk difficult shots like the viper for example. It is better to just try to touch the ball and not miss. When you get used to the weather conditions you can try to make those more complex shots.

3. If you receive a balloon not too deep let the ball bounce

A high balloon that stays halfway or very close to the net should be allowed to bounce to accommodate and attack more comfortably. But beware, a balloon at Paquito Navarro You can make the ball bounce on your field and finally get off the track on the side ...

4. Do not risk and dedicate yourself to put the ball

It is not a day for auctioneers and good bandejeadores. With air it is convenient to make a more conservative tray and look for the rivals to fail. As for the auctions, it is only advisable to do it in very clear situations.

5. Expand the margin in your strokes

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Trying to place a ball can be a mistake in case of wind because that shot that seems so good can end up astray and be bad. Expand your range a little more in your shots if you want the wind not to blow away that shot that in normal conditions would be perfect.

6. Be careful when making a balloon

Depending on the wind you make, it is advisable to make the balloon in one way or another:

  • If the wind is against, give more power to the balloon, because if not, it may be too short.
  • If it is in your favor, be careful because what you think a short balloon can be can become a deep balloon.
  • And if it's lateral try pulling the balloon a little more in the opposite direction.

And you, what other tips would you give to play pádel with wind?

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