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What can we do with our balls pádel or used tennis shoes? We give you 20 ideas to reuse them

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One does not get the idea of ​​the number of balls of pádel or tennis that you wear for a year. Imagine that every month you open 6 cans of balls in your games of pádel which means about 72 cans a year or 216 balls used a year. If you count all the years you have been playing, you will realize how many balls have passed through your hands ...Imagine that you could reuse many of them with a second use. It sounds interesting, right?

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Many choose to keep the balls in the car to train, give the balls to your dog to be entertained or simply throw them away ... but, What if we could put all those balls of pádel or tennis that we are accumulating in the storage room?

What can we reuse the balls from pádel and tennis?

For this reason it is very interesting to know what we can do with those balls that we keep but no longer use. So, next we are going to give you 20 ideas to reuse soccer balls pádel or tennis:

1. Re-pressurize them with a pressurizing canister

One of the items that have become fashionable in recent times and that are increasingly seen are the pressurizing boats. In the market there are several brands but we already had the pleasure of trying out the Pascalbox. You can read our review here!. They may seem a priori somewhat expensive but if you make calculations in a few months you will have it amortized.

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2. You can make jewelery items

Surely never before we had imagined that with used balls you could make jewelry items, but look at the following bracelets and rings ... you like them, right?

Reusing balls as jewelry items with used balls
Bisuteria articles with used balls (Photo: blog.cocacola.es)

3. More comfortable backs and seats

Do not you sometimes feel like your back suffers when sitting for example in chairs that are very rigid? If you cut balls in half and stick them both in the backrest and in the seat of the chair you will see how they will become a little more comfortable.

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We can reuse the balls in the home chairs
Balls padel or tennis in chairs (Photo: blog.cocacola.es)

4. To reduce the noise of the legs of the chairs

If you are a teacher, can you imagine that you could forget the annoying noise your students make when they drag their chairs across the floor? And if you are a student, do you know what it would be like to be able to study without that annoying noise that is formed in libraries when moving seats? In the latter case, the Aragonese Tennis Federation announced that in some universities of Zaragoza It is already being done.

Old tennis balls and pádel can be used to reduce chair leg noise
Old tennis balls and pádel can be used to reduce the noise of the chair legs (Source: Aragonese Tennis Federation)

5. Mount chairs for your home or club

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Another way to reuse old balls is to make chairs. They can be very laborious but they are certainly a lot of fun. If you have a club pádel and you have free time is not a bad idea, right?

We can reuse the peltoas to mount chairs for your home or club
Mount chairs for your home or club (Source: denisewanacur.com)

6. Recover them in containers enabled for this

In some municipalities of Spain they have opted to put containers to recycle the balls of pádel or tennis. Such is the case as it happens in the town of San Andrés del Rabanedo, as commented on Diary of León. There, the company Ecovidrio aims to increase the recycling of 20 and 30% between them. The problem, that at the moment there are not many recycling points of this type. However, it seems like a great initiative and we hope that over time there will be more recycling points.

Recover them in containers enabled for this
Recíclalas in containers enabled for it (Source: Diario de León)

7. To massage

What if I told you that we can reuse the balls for therapeutic purposes?
In the youtube channel of FisioOnline have published a series of tips on how we can use football balls pádel or tennis to relieve certain areas of our body. For example, the following video explains some exercises to treat plantar fasciitis, one of the most common injuries in the world of pádel:

8. Make banks for your sports club

We users usually use many balls of pádel and tennis, but what if we stop to think about the ones used by sports schools? Another way to reuse these used balls would be to make benches. Some designers who are committed to Eco Architecture such as the Dutch Tejo Remy and René Veenhuizen They have taken advantage of the balls used to design art pieces in the form of benches. In fact these banks are exposed in a museum of Rotterdam where visitors have the pleasure of sitting on them, would not you like to try them too?

We can reuse balls to make banks
Banks made with used balls (Photo: inhabitat.com)

9. Put them on the towballs

This use is more directed to the prevention of blow dents than your tow ball may have on another car. It may not be very aesthetic but without a doubt it can seriously reduce the damage. Or have you not been afraid to park seeing that the car in front or behind has a tow ball?

Use a ball padel on your tow ball
Use a ball padel on your tow ball

10. To decorate a mirror

Surely if they see you with a mirror decorated with the following design they will know that you are hooked on the pádel or tennis. However, it is a very original idea for us. Now you just need to ask your partner for permission to get down to work.

We can make use of balls of pádel or tennis to decorate mirrors
We can make use of balls of pádel or tennis to decorate mirrors (Source: api.cat news)

11. Make a sofa for your pet

The best friends of the human being can also be benefited from the excess of used balls that we have in our garage or storage room. The American artist and designer Hugh Hayden often uses this material to make furniture, and so it does for the dog that we see below:

Sofa for dogs with used balls
Sofa for dogs with used balls (Photo: ifweweredogs.com)

12. Make floating candles

As the friends of this website another use that we can give to the balls of padel or used tennis is to transform them into floating candles:

Floating candles with old balls
Floating candles with old balls (Photo: pisonumero8.com)

13. Helmets for our bricomania tasks

Surely you had not thought about it but ... what if you take a ball of pádel or tennis, you cut it in half so that we have two hemispheres and we put them together? We could get helmets for the ears that can protect them from the noise of the little pig.

Helmets made with used balls
Helmets made with used balls (Photo: blog.cocacola.es)

14. Mobile phone cases made with felt balls

We have also found this way of making use of football balls interesting. pádel or tennis that we have in the storage room. It would consist of extracting the felt from these to make an elegant mobile case.

Mobile phone cases made with felt balls

15. Make yourself a case or purse

Another interesting use could be to make a case or purse also with the felt of the balls. With a zipper and a bit of calm we can have an attractive article with which we will envy our friends.

Make yourself a case or purse

16. Use it as a bluetooth speaker

If you are a technology lover and you like to use modern gadgets you will surely like this idea brought by the friends of Social Geek. It's about turning your old ball into a bluetooth speaker. This idea, patented by Richard Moss, it's called hearO. Through a device that fits into the ball itself we can have an interesting speaker while we are in the pool for example.

Using the balls as a bluetooth speaker
Use it as a bluetooth speaker (Source: Social Geek)

17. Reuse them to hang things

On some occasion we have been able to see in some clubs pádel the use of balls to be able to put your restaurant menu, a very simple but ingenious way to reuse balls of pádel or tennis.

Reuse balls as cardholders to put things
Card holder with balls padel or tennis (Photo: reinventos.wordpress.com)

18. Decorative uses for the home

Friends of environmentalism They offer us many more ways to reuse the balls of padel or tennis used in our home such as using them as hangers to hang keys, or hold letters or pens. In the famous television program "El Hormiguero" they took advantage of the visit of Garbiñe Muguruza to make known some ways to take advantage of the balls, as to hang the house keys for example:

19. Reusing balls to make dolls

Another fun use for children is to create puppets or dolls out of balls. pádel or tennis. It's very easy to do! You can even teach your kids to make them themselves.

Reusing balls to make dolls
Make dolls for the little ones (Source: Titerenet)

20. To use as pots for small plants

If you have very small plants and you do not know where to place them you can also use an old ball of pádel or tennis to act as a flowerpot.

Reuse balls to use as pots for small plants
To use as pots for small plants (Source: laboresenred.com)

Can you think of any other way to reuse the soccer balls? pádel or tennis? If so, do not hesitate to comment and share it with everyone!

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Antonio José Palacios Álvarezhttps://padeladdict.com
Regional Monitor of Pádel by the Andalusian Federation of Pádel. Bachelor of Business Administration and Online Marketing professional. Responsible for the web Padel Addict.


  1. Hello. I am a teacher and I use tennis balls as a kind of “shoe” for the legs of the chairs and tables in my classroom. In this way, when the little ones have to move the tables or chairs, they do not make any noise. My class is tennis silent !!! 😉

  2. Good ideas, similar to the use proposed by Teresa, I use them for the legs of the portable ladder and thus avoid scratching the floor.

  3. I made a bumper in the garage, I used a plank on which I put the balls screwed (a small cut and I put the screw from inside). that plank stuck to the wall makes when I park if I step a little long do not hit the wall with the car. Dampens perfectly.

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