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Plantar fasciitis, a common injury to the pádel

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Every player of pádel he remembers an opponent who limped or even had to withdraw from the court with a sharp pain in the sole of the foot, if he did not suffer it himself. Is about one of the most feared injuries in the world pádel Plantar fasciitis.

How is a plantar fasciitis produced?

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Plantar fasciitis usually manifests as pain in the heel. This pain occurs when the band of tissue that supports the arch of the foot suffers some kind of irritation and inflammation. This band is called fascia and is responsible for absorbing and returning energy when the foot hits the ground.

If plantar fasciitis affects even individuals who do not play sports, it is logical that it presents a high incidence among practitioners of pádel, where the movement is continuous, jumps, turns and changes of direction that the feet must support.

Why can we suffer it?

The cause of inflammation is usually caused by excess tension in the fascia, which can be caused by poor footing, inappropriate footwear or excessive activity. It is on these causes that we must act to prevent or recover the injury. On other occasions, the origin may be in a bad alignment of the foot, in which case it is necessary to go to a specialist to modify this alignment and prevent the pain from becoming chronic.

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How can we solve it?

The solution to this problem is not easy and surely need time and new habits in the footstep. Assuming that the suitable footwear, one of the first solutions we can prove is the use of custom templates. This accessory, by adapting to the foot shape of each foot, cushions and helps to correct the pressure on the fascia. The problem with this solution is the price, since the custom templates in orthopedics usually cost between 200 and 300 euros and it is not affordable for the general public.

Self-customizable templates

Biontech self-customizable templates

An inexpensive way to test if this is the right solution is to experiment with "self-customizable" templates, an innovation of the company Biontech fruit of research with intelligent materials.

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These are biomechanical insoles made with material that, by heating them for 30 seconds in the microwave before using them for the first time, when put on, they are able to adapt to the shape of each foot. Biomechanical analyzes reveal that with them it is possible to increase the tread surface by up to 44%, reducing the pressure on the fascia and correcting the tread. As a consequence, greater stability and less pressure are achieved on the points of the foot in contact with the ground. This material absorbs shocks and reduces vibrations, so the insoles also help prevent joint injuries.

Other ways to prevent this injury

Stretching is one of the main solutions to prevent this type of injury. However, plantar fasciitis usually requires a lot of patience and persistence with respect to other ailments, being its recovery slower than other injuries. It is convenient to put yourself in the hands of a professional physiotherapist to help us and teach us various exercises to stretch the area.

Plantar fasciitis, a common injury to the pádel

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Apply ice in the affected area and, especially take rest while the pain manifests itself, there are other alternatives when this discomfort occurs.

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