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The service left, picaresque or provocation?

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There is an action called serve left known in the world of pádel. Although it is not very given to see there are players, especially at the initiation level, who use it from time to time to vary their serve a bit and surprise the rival.

What is the service left?

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As it says the name tries to perform a slow and with some effect so that the ball makes its pot near the net and force the opponent to move quickly forward.

This type of serve is usually given in order to surprise the opponent although many players dismiss it as disrespectful to the opponent, especially when you are not playing with friends and you do a tournament for example.

Maxi Sánchez surprised Bela in the 2015 Málaga Master

In the end of Beers Victoria Málaga Master celebrated in 2015 we could see how the player Maxi Sánchez he made a service left to Fernando Belasteguín who suffered some cramps and could barely move around the track. The action, as it could not be less, perplexed the rest of the players as well as the public.

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In that play the face of Bela it was a poem. He remained quite surprised at the serve of his rival. At times all the players laugh although it is true that both Maxi as Juan they apologize for the action on several occasions. The public, for its part, is divided between the "oooh", the laughter and the beeps.

Bela seems to take a look at someone from outside (the coach of Juan y Maxi...Rodrigo Ovide?) pointing to him as if he were the idea, but always with a smile on his face. Then he asks the public to settle the issue and leave everything as an anecdote.

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The regulation says that the serve is totally valid ... but the opinion on it is varied. And you, what do you think about it? Picaresque or lack of respect?

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Antonio José Palacios Álvarezhttps://padeladdict.com
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  1. I'm sorry about Maxi, it was more than clear that as an athlete he has nothing, I that he focused on improving as a person because he is a player ………. a shame to have thrown everything away

    • This serve is totally valid according to the regulations of the padel. Bela said in an interview, that this is his job, and if he finds a weakness in the opponent, he will go for that weakness, because this is the competition despite people with little or no gray matter in the brain who do not understand, like you. Maxi did nothing wrong, on the contrary, he found a weakness in Bela and used it to his advantage. Horacio, go cry to church.

  2. Riduculous I pose! It is a play full of mischief and talent… it's like you don't like a nice tunnel in soccer .. by God! beauty!…

  3. you have to know how to do the kick off. therefore, whoever knows how to do it, do not hesitate to do it ... whoever hurts to learn ...

  4. pure and simple envy… ..making a serve drop is an art, and whoever knows how to make it do it… ..just like any other hit ……

  5. The service is one more serve if it is true that it is not very common because it can lead to criticism and division of opinions but whether you like it or not it is a totally valid serve and the receiver must always have the option of being able to do so. do. It is more I think that if you arrive at a left service you can have an advantage to win that point.

  6. It is valid just like one left in the middle of a point. Bela had a weak point and took advantage of it.
    I don't understand who whistles these actions, now I'll start whistling the balloons because they also make me run ...

  7. I am one of those who make a left throw, and I think that it is a valid point because the regulations allow it, but that they change the regulations. padelThat is unsportsmanlike. But as long as the regulations stipulate, I will continue to do so despite whoever I may regret. I am sure that if I do it and it doesn't work out, nothing would happen, right?

  8. I particularly do not support this type of service. However, in this case I almost defend it since I was watching this game and I think one of the reasons that led Maxi to make this serve, is that since the cramp Bela stopped the game at each point, and cut the pace to JMD and Maxi that went back. Yes, because of Bela's injury, but they were going up.

  9. A serve left is a valid serve and in addition to a lot of quality, I think it's fantastic. It seems worse and that if it is a lack of respect to the contrary that a doubtful ball is sung out and I do not know the possibility of repeating the point, since there is no referee.

  10. Fully valid the player in front must be aware of this type of service and if it is fast and can almost always get there

  11. It is 100% mischief and 0% lack of respect. I do not know why a service like that should be reproached. If we go for something we do not like or we can not subtract, then we have to protest for the very strong serves or those that go backwards or those that go to the T, and so, for all that it costs us to return. What's more, I usually do balloon games and they hate me for that. But it is very difficult for them to return them. And that's the idea anyway! Or do I have to give it to my opponent? What nonsense!

  12. I try it in every game at least once. It is about bringing the opponent closer to the net to dislodge the rig, and in the next shot you finish him off. It is quality and strategy. It is as if you are offended when the ball is thrown hard or where you do not arrive. For the sensitive, grab a deck of cards and play "to the highest card": there are sure no problems of discussion.

  13. I think I should add as an example regardless of Maxi's great drop, that of my colleague Edu in this weekend's tournament. Cheers crack!

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