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How much is it worth to build a paddle tennis court?


Surely all paddle fans will have crossed this question. Either by simple curiosity or because in a post-match the subject has come up in a conversation. The fact is that at some point we have thought about the cost of building a paddle tennis court.

In this article we are going to determine what we need to set up a paddle track as well as see what factors can make the track more or less expensive.

The main requirement: the space

The main requirement to build a paddle court is to have space to mount it. As much as if you want to do it next to your house as if you are an investor and you are thinking of setting up a club you have to know that you will need at least 200 square meters per track although it is convenient to have a little more space around the track.

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If you have this space, perfect! It's time to know what factors are going to make the price of the track vary.

Factors that will influence the price

The structure

La structure It has galvanized steel structural tube pillars of 100x60x2mm which are anchored to the foundation of the track by means of mechanical blocks. These pillars are attached to the frames of electro-welded mesh (3000x2000x4mm) through screws through 10 metric with antioxidant treatment.

How much is it worth to build a paddle tennis court?

The walls

At first glance we have two options: wall or glass. Although at the beginning of the paddle boom all the tracks had wall walls, the current trend is to build glass walls.

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Tempered glass panels can have a thickness of 10 and 12 mm, 6 fastenings to the structure are required in the 3 mx 2 and 4 clamps in those of 2 mx 2 m.

The fence

Both the bottoms and the sides of the track will have to be installed tights o bars, which must be strong enough to withstand many blows.

The mesh can be of two forms: simple twist o electrowelded in all the crosses. The latter is the one that is currently used most frequently in the construction of tracks de paddle.

It will also be necessary to determine if we have two exits in the fence, one on each side, or only one.

The lighting

One of the most crucial aspects in the construction of a paddle tennis court is its lighting. It should be optimal for players to have the best visibility at night hours.

The track must have 4 columns at least 400w bulbs, although 8w bulbs are usually advisable.

Lighting of the paddle court


One of the keys in the construction of a paddle court is to choose the soil type: artificial grass, carpet or cement.

It is recommended that it be artificial turf since it minimizes the risk of injuries in the ankles and knees. This floor provides a natural and predictable boat, being formed by fibers between 10 and 15mm.

Artificial grass on the track


If you are thinking of building an outdoor paddle tennis court with covers so that you can offer to practice this sport whether it is sunny or raining, you should think that this supposes an extra item in your budget.

Track built with a cover


Although the maintenance of the tracks is not linked to the cost of construction, it is a factor to take into account since you should always be aware of solving the problems that the track may have (lack of sand, breakage of the network or a panel glass, etc.)

A paddle tennis court must have regular maintenance

How much can it cost me to build a paddle tennis court?

Once we know what can make our track more or less expensive we will see between what price range * you can move the fact of building a paddle tennis court:

  • If you are thinking of riding a simple track we would be talking about something less than 12.000€.
  • A standard track usually haunts 18.000€.
  • A professional paddle tennis court like those seen in the World Padel Tour they can haunt 25.000€.

*All these prices are approximate and do not take into account the cost of the land.

And if you have more questions or doubts you can write us an email to info@padeladdict.com.

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Antonio José Palacios Álvarezhttps://padeladdict.com
Regional Paddle Monitor by the Andalusian Padel Federation. Bachelor in ADE and Online Marketing professional. Responsible for the Padel Addict website.


  1. Very interesting to see what elements we need to build a paddle tennis court, I had never asked and the truth is that it is very interesting. Regarding the prices, I have found chords because it takes a lot of construction and complexity. Thank you very much for the article. A greeting.

  2. In these cases a good investment in quality materials means great advantages when practicing sports. In the end it is not worth it to save a little bit having worse conditions. If it is damaged or not maintained well in the end it will cost more money in the long run.

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How much is it worth to build a paddle tennis court?

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