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The post game: what should we do after playing our game of pádel?

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Good morning fellow, we will be back on the web, in this case to inform you about another very important period in the sports world, the post game.

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Around this time many theories and methodologies have emerged throughout antiquity, however, many of them have disappeared due to their ineffectiveness, others have remained although they lacked effectiveness, and in recent years, true trends with scientific weight have emerged. and truly effective at the psychological and physiological level in our body.

In this post we will review different techniques, both nutritional and physical, depending on two periods of time: immediately after the game and after the game, starting at 3 hours.

What is the post match?

The post match it is usually defined as the period after the dispute of a match or training, making reference to moments immediately after.

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This definition has its first error, The post-game includes the period of time from the end of the activity to the beginning of the warm-up of a new activity, including the period immediately after, but also a longer period in time, and in which the demands of our body will be completely different

Nutrition recommendations for the post-match

We begin with the nutritional recommendations for a sincere reason, they are not given the necessary attention. With this we do not mean that the techniques are more important than the physical ones, but if they are given less attention and their importance is similar to those previously mentioned:

1. Hydration

Technique known worldwide by all players, but ... Who really does it? Do you know the correct hydration guidelines? We dare to say that only in the elite or nearby categories are exclusive stops for the replacement of fluid and electrolytes, with the consequences that this will have for our body (cramps, dizziness, low performance, attention deficit etc.

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How to carry out a correct hydration for the padel

Usually the matches of pádel They last up to an hour and a half, taking into account that it does not extend a little more, in addition, on many occasions it is played in indoor pavilions, increasing sweating even more, a correct hydration pattern is of vital importance at all times.

The hydration must contain a minimum of 1 liter of water and sometimes it should contain electrolytes lost during the practice (Sodium, potassium).

2. Recharge of carbohydrates

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Another fundamental element is the diet that we develop during the later periods. In the feeding we must establish two periods: 1 hour later and later hours. In the first of them we must recharge the glycogen deposits with fast absorption carbohydrates, normally complemented with a protein dose of about 30 grams.

However, at later times it would be advisable to continue replenishing carbohydrates, but in this case introducing slower assimilation hydrates, combined with proteins, and if a slight surplus of kilocalories is reached, it would be ideal. 

Physical techniques

For many years it was believed that just after training it had to stretch, and honestly, many players today continue to do so. However, it has been proven lately that the stretch in moments after the game does not generate any kind of benefit in the athlete, that if, beyond the psychological, and that sometimes can become counterproductive for the creation of more muscle breakage.

Stretching does not mean doing a malpractice, but we must bear in mind that it can be counterproductive and if we do not know the technique and intensity of them ... it is better to eliminate them during the first hours of the post game.

In this post we will make a brief summary of the current and novel techniques of this period of time, although some will need specific material:

  • Foam roller: It consists of rolling a smooth or rough surface through our involved muscles. This will affect the muscular fascia (external tissue) and will cause a greater blood flow and a premature tissue recovery.
  • Electrostimulation: They are specific devices for muscle recovery, which generate a discharge in fatigued muscles.
  • Immersion in water: Normally, the bath in cold water is the one that was said to have the best advantages. However, the inflammatory process that is generated in the muscle mass at later moments is slowed down, slowing down muscle recovery. Therefore, it is currently believed that the bathroom in contrasts can be the beneficial bath for our recovery.
  • stretches: Now yes, we reach the stretches, but we talk about these in periods far from the activity, that is, periods of more than 3 hours, even more than 5. We must perform them in a smooth and static way, without forcing the elongation and it is recommended to perform them in a relaxed and comfortable environment.

You do not have to make all these options, although if it would be advisable, the tissue recovery will be outstanding, as long as we have a quality rest, you will notice the difference.

In this article we explain when we should stretch in the post game


The post-match periods are another of the forgotten mementos to our training or competition, as well as the warming, and honestly it should not be, especially if your weekly game frequency is high and the intensity of the matches is high.

We understand that the later rods with the coleguitas have a great attraction, but the truth is that the beer, no matter what they say, does not have the necessary dose of sodium to be a great isotonic, the panchitos are not worth as carbohydrate, and the chorizo ​​de bercebalejo does not have a recommended dose of protein in the post game.

Our advice: try to control post-match moments by introducing the appropriate nutritional guidelines and practicing any of the aforementioned techniques.

This has been all colleagues, a great pleasure to collaborate with Padel Addict and get used to having us around, we will upload content related to training and recovery in the pádel.. You can find more information in our the profile of Instagram. 

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