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How to carry out a correct hydration for the pádel

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While carrying correct hydration for the pádel It is extremely important for the summer months, which is where it is hotter, we cannot ignore that it is still important for the rest of the months.

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Suppose you are playing a tournament and during a big game you suddenly feel physically slump. This symptom can be caused by not having given our body all the liquid it needs to be able to play this match. Therefore, it will be better to prevent and take care of our hydration in case we were not doing well until now.

The importance of hydrating in a match pádel

Symptoms that our body needs water:

There are many symptoms linked to lack of hydration. Some of them are the following:

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  • Obviously the feeling of being thirsty is a clear symptom but not all people appreciate it so clearly.
  • Fatigue and physical exhaustion.
  • The urine is dark yellow.
  • Mental block.
  • Dizziness

Not correct hydration can pass bill to you as it happens to Fernando Belasteguín in this old video that shows us Rafa Gálvez at their canal de Youtube:

Tips for proper hydration for the pádel

For a correct hydration it will be necessary to distinguish the following three phases in your match of pádel:

1. Before playing the game of pádel

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It will be very important that before starting our game, about 2 hours before playing, drink at least half a liter of water or isotonic drink so that when we enter the track we are well hydrated. Although there is no thirst, it is very important to drink fluids for what will come later.

2. During the match of pádel

We are already on the track and we have started to play. Our hydration at the beginning of the match is at an optimal level, but it will be necessary to continue drinking fluids, as our body loses water with sweat. It will be important to take advantage of each change of side to take advantage and drink a few sips of water to keep our body well hydrated.

During the match of pádel it is very important to hydrate

3. After playing the match

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As soon as the game is over it is necessary to rehydrate for all the fluid that our body has lost. In fact, there are specialists who recommend taking more fluid than has been lost.

With all these guidelines we will not have any problem of hydration and we will have enough liquid to face the whole meeting.

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