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How to choose side in the pádel? Should I choose drive or reverse?

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Choosing the court side is one of the first questions you ask yourself when you start playing pádel. Surely you ask yourself some such as: Should I choose to play on the forehand or on the backhand? On which side will I have the best time? In which one will I “cover” my flaws the most? And in which one will I bring out my best shot? Will I touch the ball more on one side or the other? You will probably feel familiar with it as you read.

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Well, as soon as you start playing this sport you have already had to make a first decision without hardly knowing about it. You may think that it is the same to play one side or the other, but it is not like that.

What is certain is that there is a certain "fear" in changing sides once you choose. This should not be the case and, as any coach would do, it is advisable to know how to play both the drive and the backhand. We talked a long time ago in this article of the importance of it.

Having said that, we will go on to see some advice that he gives us. Manu Martín in one of his videos to know on what do I have to base myself to choose the side of the game. Here we go!

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7 guidelines to know how to choose side of the court to play

1. If you are left-handed you must play on the right

Clearer impossible. Did you know that around 8% and 13% of the population is left-handed? If this is your case and you play pádel you should know that your natural position to do it is the right. Why? Simply because it is the best way for you and your right-handed partner to cover the center of the court.

Another thing would be for 2 left-handers to play together. Although it is unlikely, it may be the case. If this were the case then you could play both sides.

At a very amateur level, it is not very necessary to follow this advice strictly, but it is always advisable to pay attention, since you will surely improve your game and the sooner you start playing on your side, the better.

2. The player with the best passing game must play the backhand.

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The player with the best passing game must play the backhand

In the event that 2 right-handed players play together, which usually happens in most cases, The one with the best aerial game must play the reverse. By this we mean obviously a better finish but also a better viper or tray. In short, the one with the easiest way to define the points.

For that player who is playing the backhand, it will be more natural to enter the center of the court than doing it from the drive. If we didn't do it like that we would find ourselves in situations where we wouldn't be there on time and we would end up doing a high backhand volley.

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What if I usually play on the right and play a game with another teammate who is weaker than me in the passing game? The logical thing would be for you to go the other way around.

3. The one with the best backhand volley usually plays on the right

This is because most of the volleys that the drive player will make come through the center of the court, and therefore, he will have to perform many backhand volleys. So if you are better than your partner in this shot, it is convenient that you play on the right.

The one with the best backhand volley usually plays on the right

4. The player with the best subtraction must play on the left side.

This tip is only applicable as long as you do not play with a gold ball. If we play with the traditional score, the one with the best subtraction should play the reverse. Why? Because that player will be the one who remains in the advantages, being these decisive points to break the service. At this time reliability is vital and you have to put the ball in play with a good rest.

5. The best player must play the backhand

So is. In the event that the pair is unbalanced and one player is clearly better than the other then the technically better player must play in the backhand position. This does not mean that a player is better just because he shoots better than his partner, but we speak in general terms.

It is normal that if the opponents detect that one of the opponents is weaker, the majority of balls go towards him. Leaving the best player of the pair on the backhand, he can go to help his partner on certain balls and can occupy more part of the court.

6. The player with the best physique must play the backhand

Normally, the player on the left side is usually the one who makes the most wear because they have to move a lot to occupy the center of the court. so when the game is long, the fatigue factor will come into play.

7. You can always choose side at the start of each set

And finally, and it should be taken into account, if once you have chosen your side of the game you see that you are not doing well, you can always make the decision to switch sides at the start of each set.

Likewise, with your service you can play as you want, that is, you can play each one on their own side or else play Australian and change as you take out. You can only switch sides during the course of a set when you are on the rest.

Drive and backhand player profile

Summing up all these guidelines, this should be the profile of each player:

Drive playerBackhand player
Right-handed / left-handed playerRight-handed player (or left-handed if they play 2 together)
Player with best backhand volleyPlayer with best passing game
More defensive profileMost offensive profile
Player best of the couple
Player with better physique
Player with best rest


After having read all these tips you have still made a mess, since according to one point you should play on one side and according to another you should do it on the other side. In the end you must weigh the decision with your partner and determine in which position you are going to do better each.

Think of the following way. In the drive position, the player is usually the worker, the one who specializes in defending and only plays the ball at the right times. For his part, the backhand player is for the one who is more decisive, who finds it easy to win the points thanks to his aerial game.

Well, after reading this article, are you already clear on how to choose a side?

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