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How to communicate with your partner in a wall descent, by Miguel Sciorilli

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At an intermediate level we usually find ourselves with a very common hit, the lowering of the wall. This usually occurs when the balloon we receive is long enough to make a tray, having to let it bounce between the line and the limit of the back wall. This blow has a clear offensive character, just the opposite of the balloon that is defensive. In this article we will analyze how should we communicate when one of us is going to make a wall descent.

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With this blow there is two clear objectives: take away the net from my opponents or, at best, win the point. Within the difficulty of winning a point at the back of the track, it would be advisable to focus on winning the net.

Why do you have to communicate with your partner?

The answer is simple: It helps to help my partner what rivals are doing or tell them what they have to do. For a few seconds the partner who is going to make the descent of the wall loses sight of the rivals so he does not know his position on the track. I as a couple must be his eyes and transmit what happens.

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There are players who do not prefer to receive any type of information, which we see as a disadvantage, since We will not be able to take advantage of the advantage that the rival is giving us. Imagine that the opponent who plays in the drive is left behind and my partner has stayed in the net ... If we play the opponent who is on the backhand, he could attack my partner, who would have to have many reflexes to keep the ball in play.

Wall descent of Sanyo Gutiérrez

It also often happens that the player who made the hit does not receive information about it. In many cases, this is the one who has to ask for information, asking for example "How are you?”To remind your partner to give you the situation.

Key aspects of communication

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Before starting the game it is convenient to talk with my partner, especially if we do not usually play a lot together, to make clear two situations:

  1. If we want the talking partner tell what is happening on the other side of the track. In this way the player who makes the descent is the one who decides what to do.
  2. That the companion tell what you have to do to the player who makes the descent. In this case the sender of the message tells the receiver exactly what he has to do.

Video 20 - Tips and tricks "how to communicate with your partner on the wall down" They already tell me Merry Christmas to everyone and thanks for being there. Greetings Miguel Sciorilli Justtenpadel Padel& Tennis Publidep Arena Train Padel Stars Padel

Placed by Miguel Sciorilli on Wednesday 21 December 2016

Tips for good communication in the descent of wall

The player who makes the descent must quickly receive the situation of the rivals or the instructions of what to do. In those few seconds there is convenient:

  • Speak as clearly as possible: a short communication is much better than giving more details of the account.
  • Talk in advance with our partner: first of all you have to talk to see how you want to communicate. Yes, referring to the names of the rivals, the color of the shirt, the position in which he plays, etc.
  • Decide if the hitting player wants to receive only information or if he prefers to know what he has to do.
  • Be concrete: Based on what has been seen above, we can use phrases as easy as "the reverse behind". With these three words we have already given the partner enough clues to know what to do.
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Wall descent by Ari Sánchez

Examples of possible situations that can occur

At the time of transmitting to my partner the position of my rivals we have many variants, some of them being the following:

  • Backhand / drive back: it shows that if we play a safe descent and with a lot of margin towards this player we can win the network easily. The faster the ball goes the faster we will have to climb the net.
  • Reverse player / drive in the middle of the track: As in the previous case, it helps to know that this player is in "no man's land" so pointing to his side on the wall descent can give us more options to reach the net.
  • Reverse player / drive very stuck to the network: it helps to know that the player who can threaten the descent of wall to make a balloon that allows us to win the network.
  • Very open medium: indicates that there is a lot of distance between both players so playing a cut down to the middle can have many chances to win the point.
  • Very close players: this lets the opponent know that the rivals have left a very free side to attack the area.
  • Players changed: indicates that the players have changed their natural position on the track, that is, that the drive player is in the reverse position and the reverse player is in the drive position.

Another interesting variation is that of refer to players like yours or mine. This refers to the player who is in our crusade. If I, as a drive player, observe that the opponent who plays in the same position is at the back of the court, I can tell my partner “mine behind”. If it were the backhand player who was left behind, I would indicate to my partner “yours behind”.

As you can see many are the guidelines to take into account when communicating with our partner before a wall descent so it is best to talk about it to make clear how we are going to act in these situations.

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