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10 factors to take into account when choosing a shovel pádel

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Are you going to buy a shovel of pádel and you don't know how to choose it? Sometimes that buying process can be easy because of the feeling you have with a brand, but other times it can be an arduous task. Next we are going to tell you some factors you should pay attention to when you go to buy a shovel pádel.

Important factors to choose shovel pádel

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From this web we will provide you 10 factors to take into account when choosing a shovel pádel:


It can be one of the most important factors to consider. The lower the weight, the greater the feeling of lightness and therefore of control, on the other hand, the greater the weight we lose control, but we gain in power. The weight for women usually ranges between 355 to 370 grams and that of men from 370 to 385 grams approximately. However, it is convenient not to forget the number of grips / overgrips that we use or if we use a protector in the frame of the blade, since between both things it can suppose an additional 20 grams.

The players of pádel professionals often play with heavy shovels

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As we talked a long time ago we can find three types of shapes on the blades pádel:

  • The shovels shaped like Diamond They have more power and less control. With a high balance, these blades are more oriented to experienced players.
  • Those that have the form of tear They have a balance between power and control. Its balance is usually balanced or somewhat oriented towards the tip. This type of form is more oriented to an intermediate-advanced player.
  • The shaped blades Round They have more control and little power. Its sweet spot is in the center of the blade and they have low balance. It is the most suitable type of shovel for players of initiation.

Blade core: EVA or FOAM

The core of the blade can be of two types of rubber: EVA o FOAM. The EVA rubber it is hard, has more durability and gives a greater hitting sensation. The FOAM rubber, unlike EVA rubber, It is soft and has less durability, in addition to an excellent ball output characterized by the strong sound it emits. In this article We talk more openly about the differences between both types of rubbers.

There are several differences between EVA rubber and FOAM
There are several differences between EVA and FOAM rubber (Photo: zonadepadel.it is)


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The balance of the blade is linked to the shape of the blade. If you take the shovel through the center and see that it tends toward the head, it has high balance and if it tends toward the handle is that it has low balance. A shovel with high balance suppose greater power and less control, while a shovel with low balance will more control. If you want to know more about it you can read this article in which we talk about the importance of balance in the shovel of pádel.

There are 3 types of blades pádel on the market: round, teardrop and diamond


According to the current regulations, a shovel should not be thicker than 38 mm, this being the most common thickness found in today's blades. Therefore, make sure that the blade has this thickness and dwell more on the other factors.

Frequency of play

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When buying a shovel pádel Knowing the number of times you usually play a week is important. If you train, play games with friends and compete it is worth buying a good shovel, but if on the contrary you play occasionally it is not necessary to spend so much money, it is logical. The more hours you spend on a track pádel the better should be the material you use.

Sanyo Gutiérrez, wearing a shirt from the new HEAD collection Pádel

Test before you buy

The best advice you can get. Before buying a shovel we strongly recommend that you try it out. Many stores, like Padel Our for example, they have some test blades so if they have that model in which you are interested, do not hesitate to try it before buying it. Or even if you have a friend who has the shovel you are thinking of buying, do not hesitate and ask him to lend it to you.


The economic aspect will of course influence the shovel that you are going to buy. The ideal thing is to buy a racket that has a great value for money, but there are times when it is convenient to spend a little more money for the durability that the racket offers you. It is true that it is outrageous to spend € 200 on a shovel, but if it lasts for more than a year it is already a very good purchase. However, if you are a player who is starting to play, it will be better for you to buy a cheap shovel (€ 50) and when you get better, look for a better shovel.

Look for opinions or articles about shovels

If you do not have much idea of ​​which shovel to buy, search on pádel specialized. On our website for example we have a section where we talk about shovels pádel of the main brands. There are also forums where you can read opinions and recommendations from players like you. In these sites you will be able to know which blades are best valued by users, which will help you decide for yours. As an example one of the best forums of pádel that you can find on the net is forumpadel.

In the following video we can receive advice from a great of the pádel as Gaby Reca:


Here it depends on each one. Is it preferable to save money by buying a shovel from a third party or pay its price by buying it in a store that offers you after-sales service? Also keep in mind that not all brands will respond in the same way when your shovel something happens (you skip the paint, you get a crack, etc.).

Other articles that may interest you:

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Antonio José Palacios Álvarezhttps://padeladdict.com
Regional Monitor of Pádel by the Andalusian Federation of Pádel. Bachelor of Business Administration and Online Marketing professional. Responsible for the web Padel Addict.


  1. Interesting!,

    One question, if practically all the palapas are made of the same materials and similar production processes, where you think there is a difference so that there are those price differences between shovels of 80 € and 300 €

    • The truth is a great question. I do not know the exact answer but I can think of several reasons:

      - The fact that the shovel is brand "x" or "y" can influence the price. So the most expensive Varlion shovel will be higher than the higher price of Mystica for example.
      - Although many blades are made of the same materials they always have some new technology, which will also mean more money in your pvp.
      - The mass manufacture of a shovel by a large brand can make its cost cheaper and therefore its unit price lower.
      - The strategy that the brand has ... for example there is a Duruss shovel that costs € 600, this brand clearly betting on the exclusivity of this shovel as it has limited units.

      In short, there are many factors that can affect that one shovel is worth a little more than others. Surely there are more reasons, but right now they are the ones that have crossed my mind.

      Thanks for your comment!

      • Hello Antonio José,

        Thank you very much for the response and your comments, as you say you are sure that there are some technological differences that in some cases can be justified.

        Although sometimes I think it is more "marketing" than anything else! I do not know this Duruss shovel that costs € 600, it still has Svarosky inlays (or how to write it) hahaha!

        Greetings 😉

  2. As a general rule for any product or service, the price is a marketing variable, which is independent of the product. The price is determined by the demand, that is, how much the customer is willing to pay. Then you can have a higher or lower cost and a higher or. Lower margin, but a higher price is not justified in a higher quality (we would expect that if, right?) If not in the PERCEPTION by the customer of a higher quality.
    Guide yourself to the experience and not the price.

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